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An unofficial Duran Duran fan website that has songs to listen to and pictures to share of the British band Duran Duran.All copyright goes to the band members and their entities.My name is Joanne from Napier New Zealand and I run this website in my spare time.I am a keen Duran Duran fan and have been for as long as I can remember listening to their music as a young girl on a Walkman where you listen to music via cassette tape and the cassette tape would always get stuck in the cassette heads of the Walkman and you had to get it out of the workings of the Walkman and pray the tape didn't get so damaged that you couldn't listen to it anymore.Then you had to buy another tape.Oh what joy.Then the invention of the compact disc came along and then you had the joy of the CD skipping on you all the time and you had to stop it and restart it again and listen to the same track or tracks again.What fun.Here below is the celebration of Duran Duran Anniversary day in August 10thb which is fervently celebrated world wide by many Duran Duran fans.Plus a wee freebie from Joanne in celebration of this day in August.

Because I am a Duran Duran fan and not a member of the band and I am not Duran Duran, I do not benefit at all from any royalties or earnings whatsoever.The band themselves benefit from any royalties and earnings; they go straight to the band Duran Duran themselves.

Even so, I might have a dream with Simon LeBon in it,and he is kissing me and pulls away and says,"Well there is this thing about sharing one of our songs onto your Duran Duran Fan website, you know, giving the free song away Save A Prayer - the copyright goes to us, remember?" and I would say,"Well I am well aware of the copyright and the trademark goes to you and your band Duran Duran.Why would I be crazy to take the credit for all the work you have done in your career? you and your band are copyrighted and trademarked and branded to the hilt.It goes to Simon LeBon,John Taylor, Roger Taylor,Nick Rhodes."


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Eighties Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf 1982

Duran Duran in the Eighties playing Hungry Like The Wolf.Their music video had Simon being chased by a crazed woman in the jungle of Sri Lanka with picturesque footage of the scenery and the elephants moving every where.It is where…

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